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Casey E. Davis

WGBH Educational Foundation
Project Manager, American Archive of Public Broadcasting
Boston, MA
I am the Project Manager for the American Archive of Public Broadcasting at WGBH Educational Foundation in Boston. My professional interests include access and use of audiovisual archival materials, navigating copyright and fair use to expand access, and the importance of increasing training and education among LIS graduates in the area of audiovisual digital preservation and access. I am Co-Chair of the New England Archivists Membership Committee and Roundtable for Early Professionals and Students (REPS). I served as a mentor for the National Digital Stewardship Residency in Boston and am managing the next phase of NDSR, the American Archive of Public Broadcasting NDSR project, which will place recent graduates in residency positions at public media organizations across the United States. I founded ProjectARCC, a task force of archivists striving to motivate the archival community to affect climate change. I also serve as Archivist for WeKnew.org, a campaign to collect and preserve letters documenting who people feel about climate change and what they are doing about it.