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Edson Smith

University of California, Los Angeles
Data Management Strategist
Los Angeles, CA
Edson Smith is a grizzled veteran in academic and research IT, specializing in networked systems and storage. He is currently the Data Management Strategist at the UCLA Library, working on building cutting-edge systems for long-term data storage.

Prior to coming to the Library, Edson managed the Systems group for UCLA’s Hoffman2 Supercomputer. In the past, he’s worked for several UCLA departments including Mathematics, Planetary Sciences, and Academic Computing. He also did stints with RAND in Santa Monica, CA, and with Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, CA, where he was in the Space Flight Operations Center.

Edson is the former World Record holder (2008-2013) for discovery of the largest explicitly known prime number, 2^43112609-1. On behalf of UCLA and the GIMPS distributed computing project, he collected an award of $100,000 for this discovery.