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Yayoi Tsutsui

University of Tsukuba Archives
Yayoi Tsutsui is a certified archivist by Academy of Certified Archivists and a registered archivist of the Japan Society for Archival Science. She is a part-time lecturer of Hitotsubashi University and a part time staff of National Institute of Japanese Literature. She is also a part-time student of Gakushuin University. She earned a Master of Arts in Archival Science degree from Gakushuin University, the first graduate school of Archival Science in Japan, in March 2010. She has served on part-time staff at the University Museum, the University of Tokyo and the Shibusawa Memorial Foundation. Yayoi Tsutsui received her Certificate of Museum Studies from Harvard University Extension School in 2001 as she has been in Lexington, MA. She was given Bachelor of Arts from International Christian University in 1980.